From VR to advanced analytics, modern brick-and-mortar merchants are transforming the shopping experience.
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Fear Not the Bots

Artificial intelligence that acts like an “angel on your shoulder” is where AI is headed, says a prominent computer scientist.

IT Futurist

AI Heads to the Office

Smart speakers powered by AI may help companies enhance workplace efficiency but security concerns might inhibit adoption.


Lightweight Workhorse

Power, mobility and elegance: This detachable tablet is ready for any business or creative task.

Tech Tips

Power Diet

Data centers are energy beasts, but these ideas can help cut your consumption, and the bill.

Security Save

Filling the Gaps

Don’t spend big money on that next cybersecurity product until you’ve checked these boxes first.


Supercharge PC Performance

Need a faster PC but can’t buy a new one? Try adding this solid-state drive.

Tech Tips

Group Think

Microsoft's group collaboration platform boosts internal communication. Here are four ways to maximize its value.

Get Smart

Conquer Software Sprawl

Many small businesses do not have an inventory of their software. Following these guidelines can help declutter their IT environments.



Sound Judgment

How are companies faring 12 months after an HCI transition? Better, perhaps, than even they expected.


High Tech on the Factory Floor

An old-line legacy industry may seem an unlikely places for digital transformation, but they’re embracing change.


A Perfect Plan

Cloud-managed Wi-Fi speeds up configuration, simplifies management and delivers crucial data for network planning.


Don't Be Denied

While DDoS attacks aren’t new, they’re on the rise. Here’s how some small and midsized businesses are using the latest technology to defend themselves.


Letter From the Editor

Unconventional Wisdom

Manufacturers, retailers and others in supposedly troubled industries are deploying advanced tech to reinvent themselves.

Contributor Column

Cloud Control

Too many web-based business applications? Try these ideas for getting back some control.

Contributor Column

Build a Security Culture

Corporate culture is a vital but often overlooked element of a highly secure organization.