Hyperconverged infrastructure has gained traction with SMBs thanks to its quicker-than-expected ROI.

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Get Smart


Though different, software-defined networks and network function virtualization can work together, letting small businesses reap the benefits.

Tech Insights

SIEM on a Shoestring

We dispel the myths and point out the true benefits of security information and event management tools to SMBs.


Hosted Driver’s Seat

This cloud framework can make management quick, simple and seamless for administrators.

Tech Trends

Persistence Pays Off

NVDIMM technology can help small and medium-sized businesses achieve the performance of memory with the persistence of storage.


A Notebook for All Needs

Among its many benefits, the Portégé’s dual-factor authentication, in the form of a fingerprint reader and facial recognition technology, makes it ideal for the security-minded road warrior.

Tech Tips

Put IT Out to Pasture

Use these four tips to make sure your small business retires its outdated tech responsibly.

IT Futurist

Floating on a Virtual SEA

When service endpoint agents arrive, they will revolutionize technology, but widespread adoption by small and medium-sized businesses will depend on the availability of 5G networks.

Tech Tips

Lock It Down

Help international business travelers in your company protect sensitive information by following these five tips.



Triple Play

A diverse trio of organizations, with careful planning, made smooth transitions to cloud environments.


The Show Must Go On

These novel security and data protection tools help businesses avoid cyberextortion.


Ready for Any Audit

For financial institutions, compliance and reporting can be onerous, but employing the correct solutions can make a world of difference.


Unwrapping Your Future

Infrastructure refreshes are expensive, but a business case can be made to show that waiting — or doing nothing — could cost even more.


Letter From the Editor

Season’s Digital Greetings

Retailers may focus on the digital customer experience during the holiday shopping season, but it’s critical for business all year long.

Contributor Column

When IoT Means ‘IT on Tap’

It’s possible to take advantage of this burgeoning technology now by tapping into infrastructure investments you’ve already made.

Contributor Column

To AI or Not to AI?

Whether artificial intelligence should play a role in helping prevent wrongful behavior on the job is not an easy question to answer.