Jun 07 2021

The Continuing Evolution of SCADA Networks

When it comes to networking physical assets securely and reliably, the energy and utility industries have been leaders for many years. Organizations in these sectors, which often maintain remote networks of physical equipment, have long relied on technologies such as supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) networks and industrial control system (ICS) technology to monitor, manage and automate their critical infrastructure.

Over time, these networks have increasingly used digital technologies. This presents an opportunity for oil and gas companies to explore emerging technologies that can lead to new applications, such as predictive maintenance, which can help reduce downtime, increase the useful life of equipment and support human safety. However, increased digitization of operational technology networks can also lead to an expanded surface for cybersecurity vulnerabilities. It is essential for energy and utility companies to design their SCADA networks with security in mind, and to enforce policies that prevent employees from exposing their organizations to attacks.

A strategic approach to operational technology can both maximize business benefits and minimize the threat of cyberattacks. A trusted third-party partner can help organizations develop and implement their SCADA strategies.

Learn more by downloading our white paper: "The Continuing Evolution of SCADA Networks"

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