Pushing out 50 new switches in two weeks, the NBA team's IT workers rallied for the All-Star Weekend and beyond.

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The Business of IT

The End-User Device Quandary

Diversifying end-user form factors might make a whole lot of sense for your business.


Pay on the Go

One retailer says its new SmartPay app reduces credit transaction costs and attracts new customers.

Best Practices

Back It Up

Before planning a backup strategy, here are three questions that can help set the parameters for sound data protection.

Best Practices

Are You Primed for VDI?

Small businesses offer their insights on virtualizing end-user systems.


More the Merrier

Gain the upper hand on managing the profusion of devices common in today’s workplace.

Tech Tips

Tune Up That Wi-Fi

Get expert pointers on how optimize your 802.11 network.

Tech Trends

When the Going Gets Tough …

Businesses find TCO and ROI numbers favor hardened mobile gear for certain users.


Another Layer of Security

This tool can prevent KVM toggling from being a source of network vulnerabilities.



Inside the Technoliner

Tasked with building a mobile data center on wheels, the two companies collaboratively built the ultimate tech vehicle.


Open-Road Tech

The Technoliner gives businesses a hands-on experience with the latest productivity tools and gear.


Spring Cleaning

Three financial businesses offer advice on optimizing computing operations.


Open for Business

Despite the havoc following Sandy, these businesses continued services with hardly a hiccup.


Ticket to Ride

A ski resort pairs a network upgrade and RFID tags to cut down wait time and improve customer service.


Justifying the investment in rugged hardware saves small businesses in the long run.


Rockets Boost Fan Experience with New Technologies

The huge display, which offers fans instant-replay footage and close-ups of players, is one of several new technologies available to fans.


Game Coverage

In an appeal to today’s fans, the stadium deployed a Wi-Fi network that lets spectators easily browse the web on smartphones, view replays and communicate via social media.


Letter From the Editor

Making Connections

Companies find the ability to easily connect with customers and employees essential to success.

Tech On Your Side

What Does ‘At Work’ Really Mean?

A mobile and distributed workforce requires support for a wide array of productivity-enhancing work environments.

The Lowdown

Ethics of the Cloud

Firms shouldn’t allow unfounded security concerns to deter them from all the cloud has to offer.