The NFL team replaces its aging phone system, implements major wireless upgrade, and rolls out iPads for coaches, players and scouts.

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The Business of IT

Create Your Own Community

Unified communications technologies build closer and longer-lasting business relationships between SMBs and customers.


Out of the Office

Mobility and BYOD are making telework a must-have option for many companies.

Best Practices

The BYOD Toolkit

Smartphone and tablet management today is about much more than simply managing the mobile device itself.

Best Practices

The UC Upsell

IT leaders share how they made the best business case for a UC deployment to senior management.

Tech Watch

Ahead of the Curve

Better performance is just one of a number factors that should be driving SMBs to take up the latest Wi-Fi standard.


Lockdown Security

Easy-to-manage McAfee Endpoint Encryption Suite 7.0 secures end-user and company data.


A Notebook with a Tablet Twist

This notebook/tablet hybrid is a versatile, rugged and powerful traveling companion.



A Better Way to Connect

Behavioral analytics company transitions to Microsoft Lync for unified communications and saves money


Ready or Not

A trio of small businesses prepare for the end of Windows XP support.


Express Savings

New technologies and data center consolidation reduce energy requirements and lower costs.


Gridiron IT

With the league increasingly relying on technology to gain a competitive advantage, its investments in cutting-edge IT have also kicked into high gear.


Mobile Assurance

A manufacturing inspection company secures customer data by placing PC-level protection in the hands of employees in the field.


Build It Up

Shutterstock and other SMBs scale new heights thanks to timely network infrastructure upgrades.


A Technology Precedent

An infrastructure upgrade coupled with the latest mobile and productivity technologies give law firm Golden & Walters a competitive advantage.


Letter From the Editor

Open Lines of Communication

Successful businesses rely on the technology solutions that foster collaboration on the go.

The Lowdown

Staying on Par

Ask yourself this question: “If my data center floods tonight, how will I get all that data back tomorrow?”

Tech On Your Side

Mixing the Right Cloud Cocktail

Public, private, or hybrid: Which cloud blend is right for your business?