Coach Chuck Pagano's decision to use iPad devices instead of paper playbooks has reaped mobility and security rewards for the NFL team.

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Best Practices

Cloud Cover

Consider these six security issues before turning data over to a cloud-based service.

The Business of IT

Making the Most of Mobility

SMBs stay more productive and efficient with mobile smartphones, notebooks and tablets.

Best Practices

License Check

Managing software licenses with a spreadsheet is no way for a growing business to operate.

Tech Trends

Help Is on the Way

With proper upfront planning, companies can gain quick bottom-line value from help desk software.


Bring IT

It's more than just a cost-savings measure, it's the reality of enterprise IT going forward.

Tech Tips

Don’t Take the Bait

These tips for identifying baiting and phishing e-mails can help keep your users out of trouble.


Face to Face

Logitech’s BCC950 provides inexpensive video conferencing with minimal setup.

Tech Watch

Cumulus Benefits

This new solution lets companies adopt unified communications tools at their own pace — paying as they go.



IT Scores on the Gridiron

A shift to digital playbooks, better Wi-Fi coverage at headquarters and powerful servers in the stadium give the NFL team an edge.


Fan-Friendly Experience

The interactive mobile app offers Colts fanatics instant replay footage, parking information and more.


Lessons Learned

Companies discover the need to invest in storage and backup solutions to keep pace with their growth.


The Tıpping Point

Corporate leaders share reasons for migrating to virtualized infrastructure.


Close Connections

People can visit their loved ones in prison from the convenience of their own homes by signing up for HomeWAV's services.


The Eyes Have It

Cutting-edge Windows-based software and specially integrated hardware power an innovative vision test for children.


Big Data, Big Teamwork

To link its far-flung employees and customers, a global technology company creates a robust high-definition video conferencing ecosystem.


Letter From the Editor

Mobility: The Ultimate Game-Changer

Businesses are realizing the value of a mobile workforce in today's on-the-go economy.

The Lowdown

Service with a Smile

Customer service values apply to everyone in the organization, including IT.

Tech On Your Side

Don’t Overlook Software as a Service

With software as a service, businesses can make project management, CRM and invoicing a breeze.