Nov 28 2012

The Indianapolis Colts Boost Fan-Friendly Experience with Mobile App

The interactive mobile app offers Colts fanatics instant replay footage, parking information and more.

The Indianapolis Colts’ free mobile app creates a better experience for spectators at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Fans with iPhone and iPad devices and Android smartphones and tablets can use the free app to check traffic before they drive to the game. Once there, they can listen to the radio feed, check statistics, watch video highlights from other games and watch replays.


The number of downloads of the Colts’ mobile app for smartphones as of late October

“It’s a mandate from the NFL to make sure that fans do not miss anything by being at the game,” says Ryan Fannin, the Colts’ director of football information systems. “We want fans to know that the best place to see a Colts game is at a Colts game, and that they will not miss out on anything.”

Three HP ProLiant DL360 servers provide exclusive video replays to fans at the stadium. The video replay app automatically edits plays and delivers them to the team’s mobile app. Within five seconds of every play ending, fans can watch a replay from three different angles, Fannin says.


The largest number of Indianapolis Colts fans who have connected to Lucas Oil Stadium’s Wi-Fi network at any one time

In preparation for Lucas Oil Stadium’s hosting the Super Bowl last year, AT&T, Verizon and Sprint upgraded the Distributed Antenna System network to boost cellular coverage throughout the stadium. Chris Hayes, the IT manager for Lucas Oil Stadium and the Indiana Convention Center, also upgraded the stadium’s Wi-Fi network by doubling the number of access points.

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