Apr 03 2019

How to Ease a Windows 10 Migration

Making the move might be beneficial, but the cultural shift often isn’t easy. Here’s how to make it simpler.

From built-in security to improved collaboration, Windows 10 offers major benefits over previous versions. Not to mention that end of life for Windows 7, slated for Jan. 14, 2020, is quickly approaching, making the migration more pressing for those still on older versions of the operating system.

For these reasons and more, many organizations’ IT teams are readying themselves for the move to Windows 10 — the OS saw the largest growth in March since its first full release — but change isn’t always easy.

“The key challenges to SMB adoption are fear of incompatibility with their existing software applications and limited time for employee or IT staff training,” Anurag Agrawal, analyst at Techaisle, tells BizTech.

4 Ways to Smooth the Move to Windows 10

Notably, adoption issues aren’t all technical. Though Windows 10 is a relatively straightforward upgrade, organizations can still face challenges getting people up to speed.

Here are four ways to get users on board with the switch:

1. Sell the benefits. Nobody likes change, says Antonio Palumbo, CTO of the National Development Council. The IT department needs to make the reasons for migrating crystal clear: “You need to sell why something everyone’s been doing for the past four years has to change.”

2. Identify evangelists. “You want to find the superusers, so when their bosses get upgraded, they can step in and say, ‘Oh, this is how you do that,’” Palumbo says.

3. Communicate clearly. When dealing with different types of employees across multiple locations, your message needs to be clear and consistent, says Victoria Fredman, director of partnership development for glassybaby. “Having us all on the same page keeps us moving forward,” she says.

4. Embrace change. “The best thing you can do is jump in, learn as much as you can about the technology and embrace it,” says Gregg Rogers, founder and COO of Gregg Rogers’ Golf Performance Centers. “The power it gives you to be able to do anything you need to do, even on the go, is amazing.”

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