May 05 2016

Why Ease of Adoption Is an Important Consideration for Collaboration Tools

For users to employ productivity tools optimally, they need solutions that are easy to learn and use.

Collaboration solutions such as productivity tools can transform the way an organization does business. Utilized properly, they can boost efficiency and productivity by letting users work together — even when they’re separated by thousands of miles.

But the enhancements that these tools offer can be realized only if users employ them effectively. They must be intuitive and user-friendly. Complicated solutions can frustrate users, hampering adoption or limiting the use of all of a product’s features. Collaboration and productivity tools are becoming ubiquitous in the workplace, but deploying the wrong ones can create problems.

1. Finding tools that users love is essential.

Source: IDG, “The Next Level of Enterprise Communication,” July 2015

Users are less interested in the tools they receive than they are in getting their jobs done. They want to use solutions that work with devices they’re familiar and comfortable with.

2. Users can’t start to solve problems with their productivity tools until they’ve learned to use these tools.

Source: IDG, “The Next Level of Enterprise Communication,” July 2015

Productivity solutions make information more accessible and manageable, greatly enhancing users’ ability to get things done.

3. Lack of effective collaboration tools limits users’ efficiency and productivity.

Source: IDC, “Microsoft Launches Office 2016,” January 2016

Every opportunity to reduce the amount of time wasted on unproductive chores is a potential step toward better efficiency and faster growth.

4. What are organizations looking for from their collaboration solutions?

Source: IDG, “The Next Level of Enterprise Communication,” July 2015

One valuable option for many organizations is to have productivity tools delivered as a service via the cloud. The cloud delivers these solutions simply and effectively. Making them available on a variety of devices maximizes mobility while minimizing the demands on IT staff. The cloud also simplifies budgeting and increases flexibility, scalability and agility.

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