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Dynamic Duo

Charlene Charles and Paul Bucalo, who together lead the company’s efforts, discuss their progress with BizTech.

Get Smart

Smooth Transition

End of life for Windows 10 is October 2025. Stay ahead of the game with this action plan for making the upgrade.


Peak Performance

By tapping into Wi-Fi 6 technology, this access point can efficiently serve up to four times as many users as older devices.

Security Save

Close the Deal

To succeed at deploying modern security architectures, IT leaders must get funding from the C-suite and buy-in from their colleagues.


Virtually Perfect

This virtualization application helps enterprises make the most of their data center infrastructure.

Tech Tips

A Critical Tool

This tool simplifies infrastructure deployment and management, but it helps to know these four tips.

IT Futurist

Processing Powerhouse

Physical graphics processing units are in high demand, but a serverless approach may deliver the power companies need without worrying about chipset supplies.


Sustain and Save

Businesses should consider lifecycle length and energy efficiency as part of their selection process for both hardware and software.



Solid as a Rock

It's not easy to track and secure a skyrocketing number of devices. Cloud-based software can help.


Fan Favorite

The network of tomorrow is possible right now, companies and experts say.


Better Apps In Sight

These solutions deliver simplification and automation as businesses update their apps, a critical component of digital transformation.


Retail Revolution

Artificial intelligence, analytics, store technology and more help major brands reduce friction for shoppers.


Now, They’re Cooking

The cloud’s scalable, always-available resources open a range of possibilities.


Contributor Column

Never Trust, Always Verify

Cybercriminals focus on identity-based attack strategies because they work. Here’s how to foil them.

Contributor Column

A Genuine Privacy Issue

Businesses should apply controls so that AI tools do not compromise users’ personal information, and users must be careful not to inadvertently share private data.