Storage options abound. The one that’s right for a business depends on its unique circumstances.
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Power Supply

For Sam’s Club CTO Vinod Bidarkoppa, getting products to customers efficiently is a job for an eclectic mix of advanced tech.


Home Companion

Simple, fast and versatile, this lightweight scanner is packed with features.

Tech Tips

Huddle Up

Collaboration tools are vital in a hybrid work world, but administering them can be time-consuming. Here’s a simple solution for Teams.


Virtual Protection

The virtualization solution also creates backups in case of technical disaster.

Security Save

Prove Your Worth

It’s not enough to say “We didn’t get hacked.” They must clearly communicate the business benefits of the actions they take.

Tech Tips

Simple Backup

Follow these four steps for a quick, automated way to get data onto Microsoft’s cloud.


The End of Writers

AI is now being used for writing — to generate copy for published material as well as suggesting text to boost an organization's online presence.


Beat the Creep

It’s common for digital transformation plans to become unwieldy when expectations aren’t tightly managed.

Get Smart

Muscle Up

Artificial intelligence requires a lot of storage and computing power, plus an elegant architecture.

IT Futurist

A Whole New World

In every industry, organizations are racing to create experiences in virtual worlds.



In Good Hands

Service-based organizations rely on staff, volunteers and others to achieve their goals. That means finding ways to get them access to technology.


Speed Racer

Software-defined wide area networks are quicker, simpler and more scalable than MPLS.


Cloud Path

Businesses blaze their own trails, in and out of the cloud, to meet their unique needs for data management.


Letter From the Editor

Eyes on the Prize

It’s easy to lose sight of the reason businesses deploy tech solutions in the first place.

Contributor Column

An Emerging Threat

State-aligned threat actors are on the rise. Here’s what security leaders should do.

Contributor Column

The Surprising Quality Businesses Need to Grow

The most successful organizations take a modular approach to everything, including IT.