Jun 16 2022

IT Leaders Should Stay Focused on Business Outcomes as They Select Tech Solutions

It’s easy to lose sight of the reason businesses deploy tech solutions in the first place.

In technology, we hear often about high-level concepts: digital transformation, IT strategy, zero-trust security and others. It’s all important, but it sometimes can be easy to lose sight of what all this technology is for.

It’s important to remember that we deploy all these solutions to deliver specific outcomes to our colleagues, customers and partners. Those might include a more comfortable and productive work experience, a service that delights our clients, or a hard-to-find product on our shelves. Whatever the intended outcome, the right mix of technology is what makes it all possible.

Take Sam’s Club, for example. The national discount retailer, which has about 600 U.S. locations, was confronted by the same supply chain challenges that have bedeviled businesses around the world for the past year, affecting a whole range of items. Under the direction of CTO Vinod Bidarkoppa, it responded with a comprehensive technology strategy that includes a mix of predictive analytics, robotics and even camera-mounted floor scrubbers.

The result is a completely reimagined supply chain that keeps its clubs stocked for members.

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Innovative Tech is Available for Companies of All Sizes

Deploying technology to achieve outcomes isn’t just for big companies. Legendary music photographer Jay Blakesberg shoots some of the most famous people in the world — and needs a modern storage solution to manage his millions of images.

“People use my photographs for books, magazines, album releases and documentary films,” he tells us. “That’s why it has to be easily accessible on a storage system, because if I can’t find what I’ve shot, I can’t monetize it.” Meanwhile, the Houston Dynamo, a Major League Soccer club, ensures perfect uptime and rapid application response with its VMware private cloud solution.

Getting the right tech in the hands of your colleagues helps them deliver the outcomes your organization needs. As you choose and deploy the solutions you need, remember to stay focused on the outcomes you seek.

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