May 03 2022
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Will Artificial Intelligence Be the End of Writers?

AI is now being used for writing — to generate copy for published material as well as suggesting text to boost an organization's online presence.

Not everyone has an aptitude for writing, and even the most talented writers can feel the fatigue that comes with putting together an in-depth report or a compelling article. Fortunately, artificial intelligence can help take some of this burden off your shoulders, using your information to help you write clear, concise articles and reports. While computers can’t fully replace human writers yet, they’re more than capable of taking over much of the grunt work involved in writing. Read on to learn how artificial intelligence can help you!

No human was involved in writing the paragraph above. It was generated entirely by technology from one of the many emerging companies involved in automatic text generation, which uses AI to write mostly coherent, mostly well-reasoned, almost professional-sounding copy, for everything from a few lines of marketing text to full blog posts or press releases.  

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The technology is kitschy fun — anyone can go online and generate a not-that-bad article on a topic of choice, as we did — but it’s also gaining traction as a business. More than simply generating text, the technology optimizes copy for search engines, or suggests ways that human writers can optimize theirs.

“I’m a terrible writer, and this makes it a lot easier to put together relevant content for Google,” small-business owner Chris Chen, who uses such a service to generate short articles for his company’s website, told Wired. “You shouldn’t use the output outright, but it’s a starting point to edit and does the boring work of researching things.”

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