From red teaming to gap analysis and more, companies test their own defenses.
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Security on the Go

Packed with safety features without giving up performance, 2-in-1 is a great option for professionals who travel.


Follow the Leaders

The professor and executive director of the International Council of Small Business offers advice on how small business leaders can exploit opportunities with technology.


Mind the Gaps

These frequently asked questions explain how these two security scans differ and why both are vital defensive tactics.

Tech Tips

Cloud Security Mistakes to Avoid

As enterprise computing moves to the cloud, IT professionals must avoid these common security pitfalls.

Get Smart

Lock It Down

Microsoft offers superior security through a locked-down OS that creates some limitations.

Security Save

Where Does Dark Data Go?

Reports, documents and works in progress can be lost when stored only on local hard drives and mobile devices.


Entry Denied

This feature-packed sentry sits at the network gateway, scanning all incoming and outgoing traffic to stop threats.

IT Futurist

Time to Ditch Passwords?

The new standard uses biometric and physical authenticators that could make passwords nearly obsolete.



Faster, Safer, Smarter

In manufacturing and other industries, sensors and AI-driven data analytics yield big results.


Go for Chrome

Lightweight, portable and inexpensive, Chromebooks are an ideal computing solution for workers on the go.


Call for Help

PBX systems are expensive and difficult to manage. For many businesses, modernization offers a solution.


A Whole New Agenda

New collaboration tools, now easy to implement, are driving employee engagement and increasing productivity.


From the Editor

Don’t Become a Victim

Penetration tests and other third-party network analysis lets small businesses know where they stand.

Contributor Column

From Obstacle to Enabler

IT departments are more closely aligned to organizations’ business leadership than ever. But much work remains.

Contributor Column

Meet the New Boss

IT leaders should understand how network transformation is the key to business transformation.