By plotting out technology and policy strategies, businesses establish continuity plans to prepare for any disaster.
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Get Smart

Hybrid Factor

Legacy assets — those that are neither solid-state nor flash — can still play a role and help SMBs balance speed against cost.


Kick Your Firewall Up a Notch

The Firebox comes packed with security protections usually found only in high-end appliances used in large companies.

IT Futurist

Almost Better Than the Real Thing

Businesses can use augmented reality to enhance everything from product demos to virtual meetings — and without those clunky goggles.

Tech Trends

Zoom, Zoom

Time-saving mobile computer carts make the move from medical environments to offices and factories.

Tech Tips

Almost Better Than the Real Thing

Preparedness can mean the difference between managing through a crisis and succumbing in the wake of a catastrophe for your business.


Wi-Fi Magic

The access point comes with two radios to support both older devices and the latest smartphones and tablets.



WAN for All

Take a page from Briggs & Stratton and others and see how small businesses can increase network efficiency and decrease reliance on MPLS.


Digital Work Spaces Come of Age

Radically redesigning your offices can spur collaboration and boost productivity — if you’ve got the right tech to support it.


Thriving in the Eye of the Storm

IT leaders share strategies for keeping businesses up and running with disaster recovery and redundant communications tools, even after offices have to batten down the hatches.


To Cloud or Not to Cloud

Is the cloud a good option for your infrastructure? What about on-premises? It depends.


Letter From the Editor

More Than Talk

Emerging technologies, like AI and software-defined everything, will be fundamental to future business success.

Contributor Column

Fill the Gap

Technology deployments, outsourcing and education can help organizations navigate a challenging landscape.

Contributor Column

Reputation Salvation

After a cyberattack, customer and partner interactions can determine whether a company survives.