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Summer 2016

As the Internet of Things takes hold, an expected explosion of RFID tags will improve the customer experience and help companies streamline operations.


Increasingly, businesses are deciding whether to host their entire infrastructure or to host none of it. Both can be the right answer. 

The Tour has taken a deliberate approach to moving off its on-premises email system, and is gaining productivity tools for its users in the process. 

Being small — even medium-sized — pays dividends when it comes to developing technology designed to improve customer service.


Pastor Mike Morris taps his tech background to serve his flock, and shows that there is much in common between running a nonprofit organization and a small business. 

 Great processing power, built-in protection and handy tools for sharing make the Surface Pro 4 ready for professional users.

With a big screen and brawny processor, this pro version of the Apple iPad aims squarely at the mobile workforce.