Cloud computing, managed networking and managed print services help companies cut costs.

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The Business of IT

Make Every Investment Count

Smart technology managers spend with an eye toward achieving savings they can reinvest in their future.


Power Jam

Finding efficiencies in power and cooling is a top priority for businesses looking to optimize their infrastructure.

Case Study

Branching Out

With its branch-in-a-box strategy, PrimeLending creates repeatable process to speed remote-office openings.

Tech Tips

On Patrol

Theft-prevention technologies not only guard against mobile devices being stolen, but they also can erase sensitive data if a theft occurs.

Best Practices

The Building Blocks of Mobile Management

A solid mobile-device policy and management platform can mitigate risk and ease administration.


Up in the Air

The original ultrabook wows with portability and fast flash storage.


Bridging the Thin Client Gap

The PC-sharing kit provides enterprise-class features for small and medium-sized businesses.

Best Practices

Secure Airspace

Take these wireless security measures to ensure that company data is safe without impeding the end-user experience.


Tips for Optimizing a Private Cloud Using DCIM

Cloud environments demand uptime and efficiency. Follow these steps to maximize both.



Say It With a Sign

From health care to car dealerships, digital signage has a use case in almost every industry.


Supporting an Entrepreneurial Mission

The mortgage lender empowers its workers to go out and build valuable relationships with customers and partners.


Virtual Savings

There are significant cost savings to be found in virtualization technologies.


Touch ’Em All

Use a touch-screen kiosk to put customers in control of their shopping experience.


Keeping in Touch

The latest kiosks mimic many of the touch-screen features of today’s smartphones and tablets.


Case Closed

Virtualized SAN technology offers flexibility and simplicity.


A Tablet for Two

An ice cream company uses Revel Systems' point-of-sale solution to save on space and increase mobility.


The Thrill of the Mundane

A company achieved just what it was looking for when it moved its e-mail to the cloud: no problems.


Signs of the Times

More businesses are using digital displays to increase engagement and bump up the entertainment value for customers.


Letter From the Editor

At Your Fingertips

Touch screens and interactive digital signage are helping companies embrace the next wave of computing.

Inside I.T.

Striking a Balance with BYOD

Take these steps to protect company data and employees.

Tech On Your Side

Would Ultrabooks Please Goldilocks?

The lighter, compacter version of notebooks is gaining traction with users and IT departments.