Touch-screen kiosks at Bonsai Bar & Lounge in Chicago.
May 24 2012

5 Ways Your Business Can Use a Touch-Screen Kiosk

Use a touch-screen kiosk to put customers in control of their shopping experience.

Touch-screen kiosks can be deployed anywhere there’s a standard 120-volt circuit. This gives businesses a lot of flexibility in their placement and makes them available for all sorts of creative uses, including:

DRIVE-THRU FOOD ORDERS: Drive-thru customers can order food and even swipe their credit cards on a 32-inch kiosk screen at some fast-food operations. Customers then pick up their food at the drive-thru windows.

CAR CONFIGURATIONS: At some automobile shows and dealerships, customers can build their own cars on a kiosk. They select from myriad options — color, interior, engine performance and entertainment packages, for example — and receive a price for their custom car right at the kiosk.

EMPLOYMENT APPLICATIONS: Prospective employees can fill out applications on a kiosk at some companies. This takes the guesswork out of deciphering applicant handwriting and streamlines the process in general. Other human resources forms, such as benefits or nondisclosure forms, also can be completed electronically.

COUPONING: As customers walk into a store, they can scan their member cards at the kiosk and receive a print-out of coupons tailored to past purchases

GETTING DIRECTIONS: Visitors can receive information and directions from kiosks, popular with municipality and state welcome centers as well as college campuses and shopping malls.

SOURCE: Meridian Zero Degrees

Todd Winters

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