EMC World 2012

Join BizTech magazine and CDW as we cover the 2012 edition of the annual EMC World conference from May 21-24, 2012.

As a key player in data and information management technology, EMC uses its annual customer and partner conference as an opportunity to bring together the top minds in IT to discuss and reflect on important technology trends like big data, cloud computing and virtualization.

The theme for this year's show is "Transform IT + Business + Yourself," which highlights how today's technology is impacting not only the way businesses are run, but also the people running those businesses.

You can follow the discussions from EMC World through social media using the #emcworld hashtag on Twitter and by following the @CDWCorp and @EMCWorld Twitter accounts.

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Latest Stories from EMC World 2012

Flash Is Going Everywhere — Day 4

EMC World 2012 - Flash Is Going Everywhere, says Steve Duplessie

The ESG founder and analyst explains why data centers should implement Flash storage now.
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Video: What's the Hottest New Tech?

EMC World 2012 - What's the Hottest New Tech?

Converged storage appliances, big data analysis tools, new virtualization software and more — an array of emerging technologies garner interest.
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Video: Cloud in the Enterprise

EMC World 2012 - Cloud in the Enterprise

Cloud is more than a buzz word; there are distinct services that make sense for the large enterprise. The key? Apply all the smart lessons learned (on security, on management, on metrics, on SLAs) from years of implementing IT in the enterprise.
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Morpheus and Maroon 5 Get IT — Day 3

EMC World 2012 - Morpheus and Maroon 5 Get IT — Day 3

EMC CIO Sanjay Mirchandani speaks at EMC World in the morning, while thousands of IT workers go wild for Adam Levine in the evening.
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Video: With Rich Napolitano & Eric Herzog of EMC

EMC World 2012 - Chatting with EMC's Pat Gelsinger

Making complex technology more manageable — that, says EMC's Rich Napolitano and Eric Herzog, is what new storage tools like the VNXe 3150 make possible. The two experts talk about the latest storage technology breakthroughs.
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Video: Chatting with EMC's Pat Gelsinger

EMC World 2012 - Chatting with EMC's Pat Gelsinger

Pat Gelsinger, EMC's COO and resident infrastructure guru, sits down with tech evangelist Adria Richards to explain the evolution happening with big data, infrastructure management and cloud adoption.
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Video: If I Only Had $1...

EMC World 2012 - If I Only Had $1...

How would systems architects, network managers and storage chiefs spend $1 if that was all they had to spend on IT in the next year? Their answers — which vary more than you might think — might also surprise you.
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Video: 4 New Products from EMC World

EMC World: New Cool Products

EMC World's show floor is awash in the latest tools to optimize storage management. Take a quick tour with tech evangelist Adria Richards and learn about four of the hottest new tools.
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Video: BYOD & the Infrastructure

EMC World: BYOD & the Infrastructure

See how IT pioneers expect to meet users' needs and keep their systems safe while supporting BYOD.
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Video: Interview With EMC's Linda Connly

EMC World: With EMC's Linda Connly

EMC's midmarket expert, Linda Connly, talks with tech evangelist Adria Richards about the evolving SMB technology frontier.
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Paul Maritz Says Automation Is the Way Forward — Day 2

EMC World: Paul Maritz — Day 2

Virtualized environments need to scale in order to keep up with apps and big data.
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Video: Automated Tiering

EMC World 2012 Video: Automated Tiering

Trying to do more with less in the data center? See how automated storage tiering can help reduce the management burden on the IT staff while also right-sizing an organization's storage platforms and data mix.
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Video: Interview With EMC's BJ Jenkins

EMC World: With EMC's BJ Jenkins

EMC's resident backup and recovery guru, BJ Jenkins, talks with tech evangelist Adria Richards about how organizations can meet the increasingly critical demand to provide adequate backup and recovery.
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Video: Transforming Disaster Recovery

EMC World: Transforming Disaster Recovery

Learn how companies use the latest EMC recovery technologies to limit the impact on services and the bottom line.
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Seen and Heard at EMC World — Day 1

EMC World 2012 Day 1

EMC CEO Joe Tucci delivers a cloud-focused keynote, ushering in the cloud era.
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What to Expect from EMC World 2012

EMC World 2012: What to Expect

The 11th annual IT conference promises to be a great forum of technology, thought leadership, discussion and good times.
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The Legacy of EMC World

History of EMC World

The annual IT conference brings together great minds in cloud computing, virtualization and storage.
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