May 22 2012

EMC World 2012: Paul Maritz Says Automation Is the Way Forward — Day 2

Virtualized environments need to scale in order to keep up with apps and big data.

Paul Maritz, VMWare CEO at EMC World 2012
Photo: Twitter/matteastwood

Yesterday's keynote by EMC CEO Joe Tucci championed the cloud era. Today's keynote by VMWare CEO Paul Maritz moved the ball forward as Maritz explored another side of the cloud era while discussing the potential of VMWare's products and technologies.

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Google has an admin to server ratio of 1 to 1,000, and that is what VMWare and other companies need to match if they hope to compete in the app-centric, big data future of IT, he said. Maritz later used an example of a VMWare customer that produces 500 million events an hour. Without automation and analytics, there's no way for a human admin to ever make sense of that kind of big data.

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