Jun 23 2023

What to Expect From Snowflake Summit 2023

As organizations embrace hybrid and multicloud environments, collaboration and security holds greater significance.

Data has long been the lifeblood of successful organizations, but the ongoing migration to the cloud has dispersed that valuable data across multiple platforms and providers. To truly unlock value, organizations must leverage tech tools that enable collaboration and integration no matter where data is being generated, stored and managed.

These challenges represent the primary focus of the Snowflake Summit 2023, taking place June 26-29 in Las Vegas. Attendees will have access to keynote speakers, breakout sessions and hands-on labs that dive deep into the latest trends in data management, governance, analytics, cybersecurity, collaboration and more.

Here’s what attendees can expect from this year’s event.

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Collaboration Enables Data Sharing Across Platforms

This year’s event will showcase the ways in which Snowflake is creating greater opportunities for collaboration by breaking down silos.

Several sessions will focus on how Snowflake’s Data Cloud can deliver access to data across platforms and regions without sacrificing security or compromising data governance. The summit will include presentations on Snowflake’s partnerships with such organizations as Salesforce, Cisco, Okta and Edward Jones to demonstrate the power of sharing data among organizations.

Cybersecurity also will command attention at the event, with sessions planned around securing not only data but applications in the cloud.

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Generative AI Is Bringing Further Innovation to the Cloud

Several recent industry events — including CDW’s Executive SummIT, RSA Conference 2023 and Cisco Live — have incorporated conversations about generative AI as a focal point. Snowflake intends to follow suit but will offer a new perspective that centers on potential uses of AI for data management.

The event will include a fireside chat with Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA, titled “Generative AI’s Impact on Data Innovation in the Enterprise.” Other sessions will address data science in the cloud and predictions for the future of generative AI in the enterprise.

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