Apr 18 2023

CDW Executive SummIT: Pondering the Future of AI with Sanjay Sood

Artificial intelligence is allowing organizations to streamline their processes in ways that lower costs and improve the user experience. Some use cases already are delivering results, while others are still in development. All hold a great deal of promise, but they also introduce some serious concerns about data privacy and the ethics of how AI is used. CDW Senior Vice President and CTO Sanjay Sood calls for both excitement and caution when considering the potential of AI.

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    Sanjay Sood, Senior Vice President and CTO, CDW

Video Highlights

  • Although artificial intelligence has been part of the digital landscape for years, the algorithms and infrastructure required to support AI have grown exponentially lately.
  • Reactions to the use of generative AI are wide-ranging, with early adopters calling for both optimism and caution.
  • Concerns linger around how to implement the best security and privacy posture to fit an enterprise's risk policies.