Sports facilities and other public venues beef up their wireless networks for big audiences.
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Live, from Your Office

Sharp images, crisp sound and easy setup make this camera great for live presentations.


Stopped At the Gate

This cloud-based platform can protect all aspects of email communication.


Heated Seats as a Service?

Subscription-based services are being offered in new and unexpected areas, including automotive features.

IT Futurist

Supply-Side Automation

Retailers, logistics firms and other companies are turning to artificial intelligence, robotic process automation and robots to make supply chains more efficient.


Piece It Together

As hybrid work becomes permanent, businesses are fine-tuning how they situate employees when they come to the office.

Security Save

In Defense of Things

As Internet of Things networks grow, these steps can help organizations protect their systems and data.

Get Smart

Paint Your Data Center Green

A single server rack can cost $30,000 to run. Try these three steps to cut costs — and your carbon footprint.

Tech Tips

From 11 to Zero

Microsoft’s new OS includes features that add solid security.


Fight For Survival

Technology innovations help financial institutions acquire new customers more quickly and serve them more effectively.



Right On Schedule

Limited availability of devices has upended businesses over the past couple of years, but work-arounds are possible.


Vision Quest

Built-in analytics, face recognition and more also help organizations improve customer service and operations.


Highway to Hybrid Work

As they continue to experiment with new workplace models, companies lay the foundations to support remote collaboration.


On Guard

Attacks are getting more frequent and sophisticated. Defenses need to keep up.


Letter From the Editor

Adapt and Grow

From a global pandemic to supply chain challenges, the world keeps throwing curveballs. But shrewd organizations adapt and grow.

Contributor Column

The Secret to Hybrid Work Success

Having the right solutions in place is critical to supporting collaboration, but leaders must build hybrid culture intentionally.

Contributor Column

A Very Human Problem

Artificial intelligence can be helpful in sorting job candidates, but the systems must be programmed correctly and monitored closely.