Sep 21 2022

For Modern Businesses, Change Management Is Key to Success

From a global pandemic to supply chain challenges, the world keeps throwing curveballs. But shrewd organizations adapt and grow.

First, it was a global pandemic. Today, it’s skyrocketing inflation and ongoing supply chain delays. The world keeps throwing businesses curveballs. It’s been said before, but it bears repeating: For modern organizations, the ability to adapt quickly — or better yet, to see the next change coming before it arrives — is perhaps the biggest differentiator between success and failure.

That does not mean, however, that businesses must possess crystal balls. The key is to deploy the right strategies supported by the right technology and to have the right partnerships in place in order to adjust when the unexpected occurs.

Take Aprio, for example. The Atlanta-based accounting firm wanted to acquire a significant number of endpoint devices as it prepared to move into a new office. It needed those devices on time and properly configured for move-in day, despite the supply chain crunch causing long delays on laptops, phones and other endpoints.

Its solution was to leverage key partnerships to source and configure the devices it needed so that its employees had the tools required on schedule.

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Empowering Workers to Embrace Change As It Continues

Another shift to which businesses must adapt is hybrid work. Retail chain Ulta Beauty is pivoting by equipping its corporate offices and some of its stores with the latest collaboration hardware to ensure that meetings go smoothly wherever people are.

Businesses must adapt quickly to change of all kinds — especially as technology enables new opportunities.

One example is hotel chain the Oxford Collection’s adoption of advanced security camera technology infused with artificial intelligence, which offers not only better security but a whole range of features, including analytics about how patrons are moving about its facilities.

Change is neither good nor bad; it’s just a fact of life. Businesses that seize the opportunities that change presents while adapting quickly to the unexpected are the ones that will thrive.

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