Sep 13 2022
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Hot Desking vs Hoteling: What Businesses Need to Know

As hybrid work becomes permanent, businesses are fine-tuning how they situate employees when they come to the office.

What are Hoteling and Hot Desking?

Hoteling and hot desking are both popular alternatives to permanent office seating for individuals and teams, but there is a difference between the two concepts. Hot desking allows individuals to choose a workspace on a first-come, first-served basis. With hoteling, workspaces are reserved ahead of time, typically via a booking app or service.

What are the Benefits of Hoteling?

For companies, the benefit is having a flexible way to fill up their offices. It allows organizations transitioning to hybrid work models to maintain physical offices but with less square footage and at a lower cost. For employees, hoteling guarantees them a spot to work on days when they’re in the office, and members of the same teams can book their desks in close proximity to collaborate.

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What are the Potential Risks of Hoteling?

Large teams may have problems reserving enough desks to accommodate everyone. Therefore, hoteling may not be the best option for people who work in groups. Unlike hot desking, companies need to set up a process for hoteling ahead of time. This often requires creating a virtual floor plan and providing a service to book desks.

How does a Business Determine how many Desks it Needs?

In hoteling, ratio-based seating is used to determine how many desks are needed in an office space. With ratio-based seating, companies can operate at a desk deficit through strategic allocation. A company can predict what percentage of its workforce won’t need desks at any given time by using data to calculate minimum and maximum occupancy.

What Technology Exists to Manage Hoteling Arrangements?

There are various software tools companies can use for space utilization, many of which integrate with major collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex. Desk-booking software is helpful for companies seeking to make data-driven decisions about their office plans based on how, when and by whom workspaces are being used.

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