Sep 16 2022

Review: Mimecast Email Security Integrates with Platforms to Thwart Attacks

This cloud-based platform can protect all aspects of email communication.

With a cloud-based interface and a lot of automation, the Mimecast Email Security platform can practically run itself. After the initial installation and configuration, there is not much more work needed to keep things running smoothly. At that point, the system is almost “set it and forget it,” if that’s what’s wanted. However, Mimecast also offers many powerful tools for administrators who prefer to carefully monitor their organizations.

Because the platform is cloud-based, everything can be monitored through a single pane of glass. Every action that the platform takes is recorded in the administrator’s interface, and that interface provides very granular information. The administrator can see what kind of threats users are encountering as well as the actions they take in response.

For example, say a user was hit with a phishing scam that Mimecast halted by putting the user into an isolated browser after she tried to follow a malicious link. The business and the user were both protected in that case, but the user could still prove to be a weak link for the organization if she continues to ignore good security practices.

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Users with bad security habits can be a big problem, especially at larger organizations, but with Mimecast, administrators can assign training to those who frequently slip up. The training provided by Mimecast is extremely intuitive, showing actual threats in a real-world environment using friendly and well-produced videos. The training shows the proper way to respond to various threats and makes users aware of how to spot suspicious emails.

For even better protection, agencies can incorporate threat intelligence gathered from other devices and platforms into Mimecast to broaden its threat awareness. Administrators can send information back the other way too, capturing data about the latest threats the solution encounters and sharing that information with a security information and event management platform or other defensive tools.

The Mimecast Email Security administrator portal is a force multiplier when combined with the multitiered defenses the platform offers. It allows a single administrator or a small team to punch well above their weights to keep even large organizations safe from the increasingly dangerous world of email-based threats.

Product Spotlight


PRODUCT TYPE: Cloud-based email security
WORKS WITH: Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, Mimecast portal, independent webmail platforms
THREATS MITIGATED: Ransomware, phishing, i mpersonation attacks, data leaks, malicious attachments
BRAND PROTECTION: Prevents illegitimate mail from leaving organization
EXTRA FEATURES: Threat intelligence integration, large file transfer engine to keep free mail channel bandwidth


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