To overcome cloud adoption hurdles, businesses need to think holistically about migrations, and ensure they have the right staff and training in place to take advantage of cloud tools.

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Tech Tips

How to Automate Network Management

The first step toward the self-driving network of the future requires automating the network of now.

Get Smart

Ready to Go, Ready to Grow

As small businesses grow, moves are inevitable —­ and offer the chance to future-proof the infrastructure to take on more.


Dropbox Goes to Work

The business-friendly version of the software offers the drag-and-drop functionality of the beloved consumer app, with decent security and administrative controls.

Security Save

Be On Alert

Follow this checklist of the most urgent cybersecurity items — including phishing scams, password protection, malware and ransomware — to keep your company secure in the year ahead.


Toward a Digital Future

In just under a year, Terrill has set the stage for a reworking of the agency's digital presence so that it can give small businesses the tools and advice they need to thrive.


Put Your Data on Hyperdrive

With its latest approach to hyperconverged infrastructure, Cisco brings cloudlike functionality to in-house data centers.

IT Futurist

No Charger Necessary

That’s exactly the potential with power over Wi-Fi; now the FCC just needs to loosen wattage limitations.



Out to Pasture

Moving to converged infrastructure allowed three businesses to ease management, kick up performance and set the stage for expansion.


SMBs often grow through mergers and acquisitions, and the IT team should play a leading role in the integration process.


Staking Their Claim

The golf nonprofit says cloud use lets it be tech-forward and support more advanced user needs than an on-premises environment.


Roll with IT

Retailers and restaurateurs find success (and profit) by focusing on ways to integrate their back-end systems with customer-facing mobile technologies.


Letter From the Editor

Avoid a Breach of Trust

SMBs need to make data protection and activities a year-round focus.

Contributor Column

Efficiency, Node by Node

Businesses that make even an initial foray into software-defined environments can reap efficiencies.

Contributor Column

Embrace Your Limitations

By embracing their limitations, IT teams can give a small business a big advantage against the competition.