Racing giant crosses the finish line with a more powerful data center, faster network, unified communications — and a better fan experience.

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BizTech compiles the most important news, tips and social trends impacting business IT today.


Ready for Business

Incredibly fast and light Chromebook offers a productive alternative to full-blown notebook computers.


Game Changer

Apple holds firm to tradition by introducing major improvements in its latest device, the iPad Air.

The Business of IT

Point of Sale at Hand

POS technology goes mobile, freeing customers and employees from the checkout counter.

Tech Tips

DaaSvidaniya, Infrastructure Costs

Turn to the cloud to realize the cost-cutting and security benefits of VDI.


Risky Business

Follow this step-by-step approach to promote needed IT security investments and protect valuable assets.

Tech Trends

Giving Voice to Better Workflow

Legal and medical practices make the switch from analog to digital dictation to get a lot more done, a lot faster.

Tech Tips

Virtualize with Ease

Eliminate post-install ESXi hypervisor headaches with these configuration tweaks.

Tech Watch

A Coming Evolution

Wearable computing continues to be one of the buzziest technology topics out there, but it's application for businesses is still fuzzy.


Determine mobility strategies now with help from a new app.



The IPO Window

Whether a biotech company or a web startup, companies view the need for a fortified tech infrastructure as pivotal when emerging from an IPO.


Putting The Customer First

Strategic use of customer data lets a credit union and an independent insurance broker personalize and improve services.


BI Within Reach

How can business leaders tap into company data troves to drive profits? Learn from those who tackled analytics successfully.


A Technology Home Run

The MLB franchise swings for the fences with major league facility and IT upgrades.


Speaking from Experience

Culture Shock

Don’t let complacency undermine your company’s hyperconnected present and future.

Letter From the Editor

A New Landscape

The BizTech website has been redesigned to be responsive and serve readers on all types of devices.