Sep 28 2022

JNUC 2022: Improve and Secure User Experiences in the Modern Workplace

Trusted access meets user experience with new bring-your-own-device updates and other features from Jamf Software and Apple.

Dean Hager, CEO of Jamf Software, kicked off his Jamf Nation User Conference 2022 keynote session with gratitude for his events team, love for his home state of Minnesota and two questions:

Do your users love their work technology at least as much as they love their home technology?

Does your organization trust that every person and every device accessing your resources is safe?

With these, Hager set the tone of the session, titled “User Empowerment Meets Trusted Access.” He, and myriad guest speakers, discussed the ways Jamf works as management and security software. Not only does it make devices easy to roll out and use, but it also makes them secure.

In highlighting these components, speakers at the keynote session in San Diego detailed product features, new capabilities and customer success stories to an in-person and virtual audience.

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Jamf Software Improves Device and Workplace Security

Trusted access simplifies the user experience while protecting organizations, said Michael Devins, product manager at Jamf. He spoke on new ways Jamf helps organizations identify and protect against threats, even when employees are working remotely.

“Jamf Private Access couldn’t have come at a better time,” Devins said. “Private Access is purpose-built for Mac and mobile devices, offering seamless remote access to work apps that’s always on and never in the way.”

To highlight the security capabilities of the software, Devins pointed out the 122,000 zero-day phishing attempts Jamf blocked in the past year. He emphasized the work of machine learning technology and a team of threat analysts.

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Other product highlights in this year’s JNUC keynote included the use of personal devices as security badges for office access.

“If you really stop and think about it, there are so many potential security vulnerabilities in being able to get into all of our offices with badges like this,” Hager said, holding up a white plastic security badge. “Especially in a hybrid environment, where it’s no longer muscle memory to grab your badge every day, our phones are always with us.”

Users who are logged in to their iCloud enterprise account can use the Jamf self-service platform to add their work badge directly to their Apple Wallet. This ensures it’s always with them and less likely to fall into the wrong hands.

Jamf isn’t the only company making strides in its security measures. Jeremy Butcher, enterprise and education product marketing manager at Apple, shared the ways his company is approaching security.

“Every year, we’re focusing on management, security and identity,” Butcher said.

Unlocking Effectiveness with BYOD Enrollment and Management

Hager also spoke in the JNUC 2022 keynote session about updates to the BYOD experience and the ways his team is “transforming the iPhone into a key that unlocks effectiveness.”

Linh Lam, Jamf’s CIO, demonstrated an employee onboarding experience in which she logged in to an additional iCloud account for work on her personal device. She demonstrated how this enabled her to access work-specific applications on her device, check her work email and even have her work number on her personal phone if she wished.

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Throughout the demonstration, Lam emphasized that the work accounts and applications were completely secure, while the personal accounts and applications were completely private. This works because personal apps are downloaded from the App Store, whereas work apps are installed via self-service.

Lam even showed the audience how to toggle to a personal-only view of her phone using Apple’s focus mode. This removes the work apps from view, blocks incoming work mail and can even change the color of the phone’s background so users know at a glance that they’re in personal mode.

Linh Lam JNUC 2022

Linh Lam, Jamf Software's CIO, demonstrates enrollment using Jamf. Photo by Rebecca Torchia

“BYO devices are, by definition, loved by their owners,” Hager said. “We have seen forward-thinking organizations — more and more — implement employee choice programs. When people have a choice, more and more, they’re choosing the Mac, especially with the rise of remote work.”

He added that companies can make the best first impression with an employee’s onboarding experience, which can be simple using Jamf in combination with Okta.

Merging Customer Experience Benefits with Security Using Jamf

Multiple Jamf customers spoke in the keynote as well, representing organizations with recognizable brands such as Okta, American Airlines and HSBC Bank.

Okta CEO Todd McKinnon discussed the value of the partnership between Jamf and Okta, as well as the ways the two companies are innovating together on new features such as platform and enrollment single sign-on.

Charles Sucur, director of enterprise, mobility and desktop services at American Airlines, shared his company’s journey to the Apple operating system and Jamf over many years.

“We partnered with the Federal Aviation Administration, and by 2013 we were the very first commercial company to have a full-fledged iPad electronic flight bag program in the industry,” Sucur said.

Charles Sucur JNUC 2022

American Airlines' director of enterprise, mobility and desktop services, Charles Sucur, shares the company's history of device usage. Photo by Rebecca Torchia

This year, American Airlines flight attendants received iPhones for the first time, he added. The company also introduced the first digital aircraft manual for its TechOps team of mechanics. Sucur noted the steps they are still taking toward digitization, including digital logbooks that will be rolled out later this year and used by pilots and mechanics.

“Modernizing the airport experience is foundational to what we call the airport of the future,” Sucur said, explaining that airport agents are also using new technologies, such as iPhones, so they can improve interactions with passengers. He noted that training and onboarding sessions have decreased in time and frequency since adopting the new tech.

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Another organization with goals to better the experience for its users, HSBC Bank spoke primarily to the security benefits they saw when using Apple and Jamf. George Kofos, global head of Mac and mobile cybersecurity, and Tarshan Patel, senior IDS manager, shared how HSBC Bank was able to benefit employees by implementing cybersecurity controls and merging security and management.

Each customer’s journey or success story made clear the importance of the relationship between user experience and security features that give organizations peace of mind.

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Photo by Rebecca Torchia

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