Apr 29 2022

What to Expect From Dell Technologies World 2022

From IT management to analytics, storage and security, data remains key to organizational success — today and in the future.

It’s no secret that data is the lifeblood of any organization. It brings value in both direct and indirect ways, and it requires thoughtful handling at every point along its lifecycle. From infrastructure to storage, success depends on careful yet innovative decision-making.

While none of this is new information, the ways in which organizations manage their data have evolved in recent years. The pandemic forced many changes as a result of fully remote work; now that many organizations are developing work-from-anywhere policies, data management must pivot yet again. With employees spread across various locations and using multiple mobile devices, data is more plentiful — and less secure — than ever before.

This is the backdrop for Dell Technologies World 2022, a hybrid conference featuring an online component as well as in-person events in Las Vegas. From May 2–5, attendees will have access to keynote speakers, breakout sessions, hands-on labs and peer networking chats designed to dive deep into current IT trends. 

Here’s what attendees can expect from this year’s event.

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A Continued Focus on the Future of Work

The restrictions of the pandemic have led to a huge increase in remote and hybrid work. While such arrangements offer undeniable convenience, they also present new concerns: employees may encounter hardware and connectivity needs, and security faces new risks in an expanding threat landscape.

Adapting to these changing needs will demand innovative approaches to cybersecurity, team collaboration efforts, data storage, infrastructure and other important IT considerations. As it has done in previous years, Dell plans to announce its latest tools and solutions, which are likely to include enhanced storage and security offerings.

True innovation, however, means introducing new tools and solutions before circumstances demand them. Industry experts will present innovative ways to leverage data as a competitive advantage and offer thoughts on multicloud platforms and edge computing.

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Cybersecurity Remains a Prominent Concern for IT Leaders

Throughout the pandemic, organizations fell victim to some highly publicized ransomware attacks, and cybercriminals are not slowing down. The proliferation of mobile devices and the increase in remote work have exposed even more vulnerabilities for threat actors. Modern security methods will be a focus at this year’s event.

Zero trust and multifactor authentication are being adopted with more regularity, and such measures have different implications depending on an organization’s infrastructure. But data protection must continue to evolve to stay a step ahead of hackers.

In addition to the defensive methods of security many organizations already use, preventative methods such as backup and recovery plans and risk assessments are crucial. They allow organizations to be more resilient in the event of an attack, and they can offer the flexibility required when addressing the varied needs of different data platforms.

From threat prevention to cyber resiliency, Dell Technologies will offer innovative methods of protecting any organization’s most valuable asset — its data.

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