Mar 25 2022

Data Is at the Heart of Every Technology Deployment

From security to analytics and infrastructure, whenever a business deploys a tech upgrade, it’s modernizing the relationship with it most indispensable asset.

We hear often about how businesses must drive digital change to succeed. More than ever, leaders know that to compete, they have to use technology to generate efficiencies and meet ­customer demands.

But it’s worth stating clearly that ­digital transformation is not about ­winning some technology arms race. The reason it’s so critical can be summed up in one word: data.

It’s become a cliché to say that data is at the heart of every business, but the truth is deeper. For most organizations, data is the business. That’s why data is every business’s most irreplaceable asset — and data management, analysis and protection is every business’s top priority.

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All Upgrades Are Data Management Upgrades

The right data center solution is the foundation of data management, and there are plenty of options. Professional sports teams such as ­baseball’s Los Angeles Dodgers and basketball’s Golden State Warriors have found that a modern on-premises data center — right in the arena where they play for championships — is the best way to deliver next-level experiences to their fans.

Customer experiences are enriched by the insights gleaned from advanced analytics received in real time, like the kind Members 1st Federal Credit Union gets from its AI-powered business intelligence solution, which helps it track call center volume and tailor advisory offers to customers’ specific needs.

Yet none of it matters if business data isn’t protected against disaster. That’s why the comprehensive business continuity plan that construction engineering firm Infrastructure and Energy Alternatives developed is so vital: The company is protected no matter what happens.

Whatever your industry, your business will go only as far as your data takes it. Take care of your data, and chances are it will take care of you.

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