Aug 30 2016

VMworld 2016: Assessing Software-Defined IT's Current and Future States

The software-defined data center has been positioned as the future of IT, but how much progress has been made in using these technologies and where is it headed? We spoke with several IT leaders and experts at VMworld to get their take on the currrent and future states of software-defined IT. Check out more of our coverage from VMworld 2016.


    • Chris Wahl, Founder,
    • Mark Lafferty, Director, Data Center Solutions, CDW
    • Manny Saini, IT Infrastructure Manager, BUNN
    • Mike Buchholz, Network Administrator, Wixon
    • Dan Janski, Network Analyst, Ecolab
    • Caleb Holmstrom, Technology Supervisor, Agropur

Video Highlights

  • Software-defined technology has made steady progress in enterprise IT.
  • Time savings and cost efficiencies are major benefits of using software-defined IT.
  • In some cases, software-defined technologies can be even more robust than their physical counterparts.