Jun 07 2023

Cisco Live 2023: How Infrastructure Decisions Can Drive Efficiency and Sustainability

In response to the pandemic and the need to enable remote work, many organizations rapidly migrated workloads to the cloud. Since then, some IT decision-makers have encountered unexpected limitations to the cloud and are rethinking their choices. Some apps and workloads belong in the cloud, but others might need to remain on-premises. At Cisco Live in Las Vegas, Cisco presented the story of Interstates, a manufacturing customer that recently overhauled its infrastructure to achieve significantly positive results.

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    Nathan Bullock, IT Operations Manager, Interstates

    Jeremy Foster, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Cisco Compute

Video Highlights

  • There is no single infrastructure that applies best to every organization, or even to various workloads and applications within an organization.
  • Cisco UCS servers have allowed customers to achieve greater efficiency and reduce the frequency of infrastructure upgrades.
  • In addition to saving time and reducing costs, the right infrastructure decisions can boost sustainability efforts.