Jun 29 2022

Managed Services Provide Scale, Stability and Support

For far too long, IT leaders have felt constrained by the bandwidth available to them in-house. But as the demands on modern businesses increase, more IT leaders are choosing to strategically offload and outsource parts of their workloads.

This is particularly true for global businesses who simply don't have the manpower to be in all places at all times. As part of our coverage of the CDW Executive SummIT: Delivering Better Outcomes Through IT, we spoke with Adam Lance, senior director of global infrastructure and CISO of Komatsu, about how he has tapped into a managed services relationship with CDW to scale, grow and run on pace with the business.


    • Adam Lance, Senior Director, Global Infrastructure and CISO, Komatsu

Video Highlights

  • As a mining and manufacturing firm, Komatsu does highly specialized and distributed field work across the globe. This has resulted in a fairly complex, large and highly varied work environment.
  • In order to stretch his small staff, Adam Lance relies on managed services to support network monitoring and management. This is particularly useful for its SD-WAN implementation.
  • Leveraging a managed services partner like CDW allows Komatsu's IT staff to remain focused on the big-picture success of the business.