Sep 17 2020

Full Session: Building Innovative Clinical and Patient Experiences to Address Today’s Healthcare Dynamic

Healthcare had to adjust rapidly to the global health crisis, accelerating trends such as telehealth and shifting sites of care, and refueling priority investment into cybersecurity and security of medical devices. This all came as the industry grappled with its own remote work challenges as the “new normal” began to take shape. This CDW Tech Talk session explores how the events of 2020 have become a catalyst for change and a time for healthcare innovation and transformation. Find full coverage of the CDW Tech Talk here.


    Allison Norfleet, Global Healthcare Lead, Industry Solutions Group, Cisco

    Bob Bragdon, Worldwide Managing Director, CSO

Video Highlights

  • Telehealth is probably here to stay.
  • It's crucial to be able to reach patients at any time, from anywhere.
  • The patient experience needs to be a secure experience.