Aug 18 2022

Enabling Hybrid Remote Requires a Shift in People, Process and Tech

To deal with rapid changes at the sudden onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Seattle Children's hospital needed to think differently and fast. While the clinicians needed to continue to work and care for patients onsite, the administrative staff in the IT, HR and finance departments were able to shift to a remote or hybrid work model, which the IT department launched and dubbed SC@Work. The hospital system's chief digital and information officer shared some details on how he steered the organization toward hybrid work success during a recent chat at the CDW Executive SummIT: Managing the Evolving Workforce.


    • Tom Stafford, CTO, CDW Healthcare
    • Zafar Chaudry, Chief Digital and Information Officer, Seattle Children's

Video Highlights

  • Before the pandemic, employees at Seattle Children's had only a minimal need to work from home or in a hybrid environment.
  • The SC@Work program was stood up in about 90 days, in large part thanks to the healthy stockpile of laptops the hospital kept on hand.
  • While there are countless tech considerations when developing hybrid work models, the key to success lies in understanding the unique needs and challenges of the people within your organization.