Jun 14 2018

Cisco Live 2018: How an Intent-Based Approach Transforms the Network and Data Center

The network of the future is here. At least that's what Cisco thinks. The company's intent-based networking paradigm promises to offer organizations greater flexibility in how they operate both their networks and data centers. The platform gives them new flexibility by having business intent and needs drive the functions of their IT infrastructure. We spoke with experts from Cisco and CDW at Cisco Live 2018 about how intent-based networking is changing the business landscape. 

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    Ish Limkakeng, SVP of Product Management, Data Center, Cisco 

    Prashanth Shenoy, VP of Product Marketing, Enterprise Networking, Cisco

    Rita Younger, National Practice Lead, SDN and ACI, CDW 


Video Highlights

  • Intent-based networking allows organizations to translate business intent into network and data center functions, allowing IT teams to focus on what the business is trying to do as opposed to how it does it. 
  • Organizations can gain greater flexibility to deploy network resources and new applications. 
  • Intent-based networking delivers cost savings from simpler operations, lets IT teams spend less time on troubleshooting issues and makes it easier to detect network security issues.