Coming back from a cyberattack or system failure has never been faster or simpler thanks to solutions delivered as a service.
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Retail at a Crossroads

The battered industry is entering a crucial phase, says futurist Kate Ancketill, but the deployment of advanced technology can help brands gain needed efficiencies.

Tech Tips

Access Denied

The growing trend is ensnaring well-meaning employees when they use seemingly innocuous cloud applications.


Take That, Hackers

Law enforcement successfully "hacks the hackers" and saves millions of dollars in the process.


Travel Buddy

With its sleek, compact look and high-powered computing, the latest Zenbook is ideal for work from anywhere set ups.


Always Connected

This reliable mobile router will get workers in distant locations on the internet in no time.

IT Futurist

Calculated Risk

Artificial intelligence is redefining key aspects of carriers’ operations, from marketing to underwriting and customer service.

Get Smart

A Developer’s Dream

The tools promise to simplify application management for small businesses, but does the reality live up to the hype?

Security Save

Zero Trust Beyond Your Walls

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s advice is worth heeding


This Time, It's Really Over

The password has survived previous predictions of its demise, but the end seems near at last. Here’s how to prepare for what’s next. 



Anywhere and Everywhere

Whether in the cloud or on-premises, elegant remote-access solutions simplify the digital workplace.


Cloud Control

As more companies run operations on two or more platforms, software helps them gain visibility, control costs and more.


All Eyes on the Network

IT performance and security depend on the robust monitoring. There are many ways to get there.


Hackers' Roadblock

Employee devices are the weakest link in many companies’ security posture, but the right solution can shut hackers down.


Letter From the Editor

Bless This Mess

Complex IT environments are a fact of modern business. The goal should be to eliminate needless complications without sacrificing capabilities.

Contributor Column

Measured Success

Start by understanding business leadership’s definition of success, then identify projects that support it.

Contributor Column

Stay Alert

Password fatigue is a real problem for businesses. Here’s what they can do while they await passwordless authentication.