With the right tools, organizations can analyze vast quantities of information in real time at scale.
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Cloud is Not a Cure-All

Cloud computing and migration has many advantages, but it doesn’t substitute for innovation, says Gartner expert Lydia Leong.

Tech Tips

Eyes Wide Open

Inventory loss can cost stores as much as 3 percent of revenue, but new technology can help solve it.


A Major Win for Access

Researchers say the development is a big step toward making technology more accessible.

Get Smart

Cloudflation Is Here

Businesses are starting to get sticker shock on their cloud deployments. How can IT departments control costs?


Power Broker

This innovative tool safely powers up a variety of devices, keeping them secure from theft and surges.


Get Online Anywhere

A strong internet connection is crucial to modern business, but outdoor locations can create problems. This access point offers a solution.

Tech Tips

Containers in the Cloud

Ansible, an IT automation platform, makes it easy to automate an entire Azure Kubernetes setup.

Fact or Fallacy

A Bot on the Line

AI is vital to improving customer experiences and reducing costs, but the technology remains misunderstood.



One Step at a Time

Experts predict ‘evolution, not revolution’ in 2023. That sounds nice, for a change.


Full Speed Ahead

As businesses’ data storage needs get more complex, they need solutions that deliver performance and simplicity.


Bug Spotter

APM tools help IT teams find and fix bugs quickly.


The Next Security Battlefield

As QR codes stage a comeback, hackers see an opportunity.


From the Editor

Start at the End

Experts say when it comes to data, where it resides matters less than what you do with it.

Contributor Column

What to Expect in 2023

Empowered customers and workers, a focus on security vendor consolidation and a potential recession are likely to influence technology priorities.

Contributor Column

Keep Their Trust

Companies must be transparent about how they use consumer data to avoid losing customers’ business.