Cloud-based Platform as a Service gives IT staff a simpler way to manage and maintain databases.
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See the Whole Field

Author Susanne Tedrick argues that businesses struggling to find better tech recruits should get creative.


Remote Workhorse

This 7th-generation notebook is loaded with technologies rarely combined in ultraportable designs.

Security Save

Clean It Up

Should the business pay a ransom? When and what should it tell the public? Good incident response means more than stopping the breach.

Tech Tips

Simple Audits

The Hawk module is useful for gathering and review and logs from multiple locations.


Phish Factor

Email remains the most successful method of delivering malware. Here five things to know to tamp it down.

Tech Tips

Phone it In

PowerShell Remoting allows admins to execute scripts remotely, just as if they were on their local computer.

IT Futurist

The Manager's Assistant

From parsing resumes to evaluating interviews, artificial intelligence helps businesses automate recruitment.



Business In Hyperdrive

Organizations can start small and grow as they need to with hyperconverged infrastructure.



Around the country, small-business assistance programs deliver IT infrastructure, mentorship, office space and more.

Cover Feature

From Chaos to Clarity

When coworkers communicate more effectively, businesses can simplify their operations and focus on their customers.


All Hands on Deck

Modern threat actors work together. Businesses now realize that they must do the same.


The Road to Better Meetings

A far cry from the bulky equipment of just 19 years ago, the latest tech is easy to use and delivers picture-perfect experiences.


Letter From the Editor

In Times Like These

How CIOs are ensuring employees have flawless and safe remote-work experiences.

Contributor Column

The Future of Work is Here

Collaboration solutions are being put to the test — and passing with flying colors.

Contributor Column

Steps to Safety

This list of must-do security items is critical to starting safe, and staying that way, in the cloud.