May 15 2020

How to Stop Phishing Attacks

Email remains the most successful method of delivering malware. Here five things to know to tamp it down.

Most successful attacks begin with a simple message. Here is what every organization should know about eliminating email-based malware.

How Real Is the Threat?

It’s very real. It may be tempting to dismiss phishing attacks as a tactic of the past, but attackers continue to rely on them because they work. Verizon studied hundreds of security breaches in 2019 and found that phishing was the most common method for successful attacks. 

What’s the Best Protection Against Phishing Attacks?

An organization’s best defense is its people. However strong technology tools are, some phishing messages will always successfully make their way into users’ inboxes. Cybersecurity teams must educate users about the risks that phishing messages pose to the organization and train them on how to avoid falling victim.

Are Some Training Tools Better Than Others?

Many organizations use simulated attacks to educate users. Users who click phishing-style links are redirected to educational materials, while security teams gain valuable metrics on the level of vulnerability among their user populations.

What Is Technology’s Role in Anti-Phishing Efforts?

Email gateways are the first line of defense against phishing attacks. They scan inbound email before it reaches user inboxes, looking for known malicious links, suspicious phrases and other telltale signs of a phishing attack. Risky messages are quarantined for further inspection or blocked entirely. Gateways also offer added protection against spam.

What If a Message Slips Through the Filter and a User Clicks the Link?

Occasionally, a malicious message will slip through the gateway, land in an inbox and trick a user into clicking the link. When this happens, Domain Name System filtering tools can intercept user requests and prevent workers from visiting known malicious sites. Such tools also alert security teams, allowing them to provide affected users with remedial training.

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