As the lights go out on the strangest year in memory, businesses turn to the next 12 months with excitement.
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Empower Your Workers

Research indicates a disconnect between executives and workers when it comes to technology. Carrie Duarte, a partner with PwC, explains how employers can do a better job of selecting the right solutions and boosting adoption.


Shelter from the Storm

The cloud-based network security platform provides a first line of defense against internet threats for workers in the office or working remotely.

Tech Tips

Let’s See Some ID

When members leave an organization, their access to cloud resources must be revoked.


The More You Know

A thorough penetration test is a critical step in any security strategy. Here’s what every business should learn from one.

IT Futurist

Quantum Leap

Companies like JPMorgan Chase are using the still-experimental tech to solve real-world problems.

Get Smart

Into the Light

Businesses can reduce and secure shadow IT without impeding productivity.


Security Everywhere

This new managed switch provides protection for small businesses all the way to the network edge.

Security Save

Meet the New Guy

The solutions promise to find previously undetectable breaches, reducing dwell time. But are they for everyone?



All In

As the benefits pile up, some businesses are moving every workload they can.


Secure the Door

Advanced solutions allow businesses to know who’s seeking access to the network — and control what they do there.


Keep it Moving

Businesses have never been more mobile, but it’s not hard to manage hundreds of devices with the right technology.


Clutch Performance

Businesses have discovered that their videoconferencing and other teamwork tech scaled better than expected.


Letter From the Editor

Class Is in Session

It’s been a difficult year. But resilient organizations adapted quickly to change and learned how to manage mass remote work and decentralized teams.

Contributor Column

Welcome to the New Abnormal

There’s a lot to consider to ensure workers are safe, but a range of technologies can help.

Contributor Column

Coach ’Em Up

As technology evolves and environments change, IT employees will need new skills.