From G Suite to Azure, businesses discover ways to drive innovation, efficiency, service and sales.
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Get Smart

There are advantages to using more than just one cloud platform. Here’s how to handle the complexity.

Tech Tips

Fast, Not Furious

Updates aren’t optional for IT teams, but planning can help them go smoothly.


Eye in the Sky

With built-in analytics and AI, businesses get insights into customer needs and traffic, and staff gets urgent alerts.


Eyes on the Cloud

Shadow IT is a big security problem. Businesses should deploy tools to gain visibility and control.

Tech Tips

Simple Registration

In Windows, AVMA, simplifies and scales the virtual machine activation process.

IT Futurist

Lend a Hand

With gesture technology, delivering presentations will soon be as easy a wave of the hand.


Do Your Homework

Before spending money on supposedly AI-enabled security software, make sure it’s the real deal.

Security Save

SIEM's Little Helper

SOAR is a new security solution that promises to automate incident management so IT teams can solve problems faster.



Protected Speech

Products from Cisco, Microsoft and others help employees be both secure and productive.


Who Goes There?

Multifactor authentication is seen as a must-have by more businesses in a world of increasing threats.


Security Symphony

With so many endpoints exposed, deploying discrete solutions for each threat type is cumbersome and complex, CISOs say.


Letter From the Editor

Reinvent the Workplace

Companies respond to changing customer, worker expectations by supporting collaboration cultures with the right IT solutions.

Contributor Column

Don’t Just Show, Tell

Engaging presentations are the missing link between good data and good decisions.

Contributor Column

Out Ahead of Your Data

Without a plan for data (beyond storage), even the smallest business will have a disconnect between IT and mission.