The arsenal of tools available to threat actors is growing. Security analyst and ‘friendly hacker’ Keren Elazari has advice for small businesses
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Security Save

The 5 Must-Haves

Here are the foundational solutions that all businesses should deploy to keep their data safe.


Fast And Efficient

This new all-in-one perfectly balances effective design with usability.

Tech Tips

Make It Unique

The domain name of a business is a huge part of its public persona. Make sure it’s part of your Office 365 tenant.

IT Futurist

Can You Feel It?

The implications are significant for interactions between people, brands and robots.

Fact or Fallacy

Trust No One

Misconceptions about this cybersecurity model abound. Here’s what’s true and what’s not.

Get Smart

Get the Most Out of HCI

Hyperconverged infrastructure is changing the game for businesses, but only when deployed correctly.



On the Road to Security

Protecting customer data is mission-critical for every business. Monitoring and reporting, machine learning and other capabilities can position businesses to take action before threats become an issue.


Force Multiplier

The simplicity of hyperconverged infrastructure makes multitasking easy for IT shops.


The Network for Things

Data-gathering sensors and cameras and other IoT devices are only as useful as the network they operate on, businesses find.


Down For The Count

The right backup solution is often the difference between a successful recovery and lost data.


Method to the Movement

A decision-making rubric will help businesses evaluate applications individually.


Letter From the Editor

Stay Safe in 2020

System misconfigurations are among the top cyberthreats facing small businesses.

Contributor Column

Start With Strategy

Threat actors continue to up their game, even as consumers get less forgiving about breaches. Small businesses need a plan of action.

Contributor Column

Growth Factor

RPA isn’t just for enterprise companies. SMBs that succeed share four characteristics.