Next-generation wireless networks should be able to supply stable air, smart air, secure air and simple air.

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Tech Watch

Get Into Shape

Once the province of big manufacturers, affordable and fast prototyping is now available to anyone with a design and a dream.

Tech Tips

Break Time

Companies can write off hardware, software and other tech purchases, but it pays to know the ins and outs of the tax code.


Secure Sharing

Kaspersky Security 8.0 for SharePoint Server helps sysadmins manage content and prevent malware infections.

Tech Trends

The Fine Print

Free up IT time and resources by letting someone outside your company manage your fleet of printers.


Know Your Enemy

The latest advances in network security can help organizations keep the bad guys out.


A Streamlined, Rugged Road Warrior

One of the few Chrome OS notebooks with a touch screen, the Yoga 11e can handle any business situation with ease.

Tech Tips

How to Performance-Test Your New HDD or SSD

These four steps will help you evaluate new storage drives. And … psst … we included the metrics that matter.



Make IT Work: Sree Sreenivasan

Sree Sreenivasan, Chief Digital Officer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, brings some insights from the nonprofit sector in this entry of our Make IT Work interview series.


Make IT Work: Bart Perkins

Bart Perkins, Managing Partner of Leverage Partners, offers a reminder of the importance of basing key IT decisions on well-defined metrics.


Make IT Work: Nathan Coutinho

We sat down with CDW strategy and business development leader Nathan Coutinho for the latest IT insights.


Make IT Work: Niel Nickolaisen

Niel Nickolaisen, Chief Technology officer of O.C. Tanner, advises IT leaders to "Fail fast, fail cheap, and fail early," in an exclusive BizTech interview.


Make IT Work: Brian Katz

Brian Katz, director of end-user experience and innovation for Sanofi, breaks down his perspective on IT collaboration.


Make IT Work: Kristen Frank

Viacom Executive Vice President of Connected Content Kristen Frank sits down for an exclusive Q&A on IT management


Up and Out

By moving to the cloud, SMBs can give new collaboration tools to their employees while taking pressure off of their IT staff.


Secure Growth

Unified threat management devices with the latest add-ons deliver security and protection against advanced persistent threats.


Transcendent Storage

When a rare failure took Achieva Credit Union systems offline, it prompted the company to take a hard look at its backup, storage and disaster recovery environment.


From the Editor

Who’s in the Room?

Tackling technology projects requires bringing in the right people at the right time.

Smart IT

When Opportunity Knocks

Companies may find that Microsoft’s shuttering of support for Windows Server 2003 offers an ideal time to modernize.

Contributor Column

Learn to Leverage Automation

The answers will help you determine how to reduce work that keeps your techies from being able to innovate and drive revenue.