Dec 20 2023

How Google ChromeOS Is Paving the Way to Digital Sustainability

Google ChromeOS helps businesses deliver on their digital sustainability goals across environmental, social and financial components of the enterprise.

Digital transformation is a top business priority: 74 percent of companies put it at the top of their lists of new technology initiatives.

But transformation alone isn’t enough. Organizations must also consider the impact of technology on environmental, social and financial goals to be met across the business. Here’s what digital sustainability means and how you can achieve it with ChromeOS, Google's modern and efficient operating system. 

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What Does Digital Sustainability Mean and Why Do You Want It?

Digital sustainability considers the environmental impacts of an organization’s technology, but today’s most successful business leaders also look at sustainability through a social and financial lens. This way of thinking is new, according to Robert DeVito, global director of customer and partner sales engineering for Google ChromeOS and Education.

“Two years ago, people assumed sustainability meant the environment,” DeVito says. “Now it encompasses all aspects of digital transformation. The goal of digital sustainability is to create a self-reinforcing system that facilitates success across environmental, social and financial components. For example, if companies can reuse older devices by equipping them with modern collaboration and security features — and spend less money doing so than they would replacing them — that’s a sustainability win. This is why we introduced ChromeOS Flex.”

Robert DeVito
Two years ago, people assumed sustainability meant the environment. Now, it encompasses all aspects of digital transformation.”

Robert DeVito Global Director of Customer and Partner Sales Engineering, ChromeOS and Education

How to Achieve Digital Sustainability Success with ChromeOS

Digital sustainability now includes more than just environmental priorities, just like ideal business outcomes are no longer measured by profitability alone. ChromeOS helps clients measure success as a triple bottom line across environmental, social and financial metrics.

  • Environmental: “From an environmental perspective, ChromeOS Flex allows companies to reduce e-waste by wiping the existing OS on most x86 devices and replacing it with ChromeOS,” DeVito says. “This allows enterprises to move from legacy devices, both PCs and Macs, to ChromeOS for a secure, modern experience.” ChromeOS devices use 46 percent less energy than similar devices and Google now offers 10 years of automatic updates increasing the lifespan of ChromeOS devices. This is more than any other OS commits to today.
  • Social: With ChromeOS, everything is synced in the cloud. According to DeVito, “this lets companies provide employees with a device that allows work from anywhere while still maintaining security, integrity and confidentiality.” ChromeOS also enables accessible computing experience for all staffers. Google has an ecosystem of applications and peripherals to help ensure employees are comfortable and productive.
  • Financial:“The total cost of ownership of ChromeOS is less than comparable devices and operating systems,” DeVito says. As a modern, cloud-based operating system, the overall hardware requirements are reduced, resulting in a lower entry price for new ChromeOS devices (and with ChromeOS Flex, no hardware purchase is necessary). “Everyone wins with ChromeOS," DeVito says. "Customers not only increase their security posture but also reduce their cost and dependency on third-party security solutions because of the security architecture and built-in security features of ChromeOS. IT administrators benefit with greater efficiencies for managing their fleet and get more time back to focus on innovation and high-value initiatives.”

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Start Your Digital Sustainability Journey

While ChromeOS and ChromeOS Flex set the stage for digital sustainability, success requires deployment at scale. “This is where partners such as CDW come in,” DeVito says. “Partners are critical in the change management journey to assist customers in transitioning to ChromeOS. Both digital transformation and digital sustainability require coordination across an organization and partners such as CDW specialize in helping customers to make it a success.”

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ChromeOS is ideal for most business use cases, DeVito says: “ChromeOS offers the best of all worlds. You can leverage older devices to reduce e-waste or buy new devices with a reduced total cost of ownership. You can offer devices that allow people to work where and when they want,  all while increasing your security posture and driving management efficiency for your IT teams.”

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