Jul 02 2021

CDW Tech Talk Discusses How to Build a Secure Future in the Age of Remote Work

Organizations trending toward a hybrid work environment must face new considerations in building a security framework.

As organizations consider a partial return to the office, they will need to factor in new security concerns. With data being created and accessed across a distributed environment, threat actors will take advantage of a widening attack surface.

Amid recent reports of high-profile security breaches, this week’s CDW Tech Talk series webcast will detail the key elements businesses need to protect against cyberthreats in a hybrid work world.

Tyler McChristian, field solution architect for information security at CDW, will join the conversation to discuss the new security concerns facing organizations and some common frameworks they can employ to better protect against attack.

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Andrew Mundell, principal security engineer at Sophos, will also be on hand to talk about how to enable a distributed workforce while minimizing vulnerability.

In addition, Christopher Frenz, CISO at Mount Sinai South Nassau, will share his experience in implementing zero trust as a security strategy in a healthcare setting.

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The CDW Tech Talk series is a weekly webcast that covers a wide variety of IT topics demonstrating how businesses can reimagine the future of work and manage evolving infrastructures.

Most recently, we reviewed highlights from the first half of 2021, including the way workspaces are evolving to suit the needs of hybrid work as well as the importance of ethical technology and its benefits to business diversity.

Other recent topics of discussion include building resilient workspaces, wireless technologyworker flexibility and employee workflows. Register for the series here and follow BizTech’s full coverage of the event here.

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