Mar 22 2021

Keeping Your Infrastructure Secure: CDW Tech Talk Puts Security Architecture in Focus

Learn real-world strategies to protect your enterprise.

It’s one thing to have an effective infrastructure that works efficiently for your businesses. Making sure that it stays consistently secure is another matter entirely.

Security is key for infrastructure pros, and it’s going to be the focus of the next edition of the CDW Tech Talk series.

Driving Tuesday’s discussion will be Chris McCain, technologist director for networking and security for VMware, who will discuss the topic of security architecture both on-premises and in the cloud, with a focus on the company’s intrinsic security architecture.

McCain also will touch on the topics of risk tolerance, government and industry regulations, and the potential of using scripting and automation tools to manage security within a given environment.

Additionally, Tuesday’s event will focus on IT considerations around remote work, as well as what organizations can do to manage security within multicloud environments.

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Additional Tech Talk Highlights

The CDW Tech Talk series has been airing for more than a month at this point, covering a wide variety of subjects in three broad topic areas: gaining a competitive edge, reimagining the future of work and managing dynamic infrastructures.

Most recently, a technologist from Lenovo stopped by to discuss the future of the post-pandemic workplace, and a representative from CDW outlined how new workforce considerations are reshaping the company’s new office building in Chicago.

Other recent topics of discussion include artificial intelligence, wireless technology, worker flexibility and employee workflows.

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