Feb 09 2021

Exceeding Customer Expectations: What to Expect from the CDW Tech Talk

Learn how to gain a competitive edge by adapting to a changing workforce and establishing dynamic infrastructure.

The way that organizations conduct their daily business has fundamentally changed. Disruptions due to the pandemic have altered major aspects of operations, such how and where employees work and which products are manufactured. They’ve also touched less obvious parts of the workday, putting a pause on water cooler chats with coworkers and requiring employee distancing in retail stores or warehouses.

While these changes have been dramatic, many didn’t come from entirely new concepts. Instead, these changes were the product of the acceleration of digital trends that businesses have been tracking for years. As organizations work to keep up with this faster pace, they also have to navigate the fact that customers are putting a higher value on convenience, service and personalization. 

Exploring these changes and how they will affect the way we work moving forward is a deep and complex process, and one that will frequently change as we move through different stages of transformation. That’s why BizTech has partnered with CDW to present a new look for the 2021 CDW Tech Talk Series, starting on February 16 with an appearance by VMware’s Mike Hulme.

Introducing the 2021 CDW Tech Talk Series

Industry events have had to shift drastically in the past year, adjusting to virtual formats to allow attendees to participate while socially distanced. In that spirit, the CDW Tech Talk Series is a fully digital experience, meeting viewers wherever they may be.

Each Tuesday at 1 p.m. CST, hosts will interview industry thought leaders, IT solutions experts and real businesses about how technology is helping to shape the future of work. These live, hourlong webcasts will dive deep into how businesses can build a competitive edge, how to prepare for a changing workforce and how to create a dynamic infrastructure that can power it all.

Signing up is simple for viewers: A single registration grants you access to the entire 15-week series. While sessions will also be available on demand for attendees, those who watch the webcast live can interact with featured experts to get their specific questions answered, weigh in on the latest technology topics or learn more about individual solutions. 

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How to Meet Growing Customer Expectations

Technology has enabled businesses to serve their customers in creative ways, delivering premium experiences with optimal convenience. What once may have been considered innovative is now thought of as standard, and customers expect a faster, easier and more personalized experience than ever before.

As these expectations grow, organizations need to grow as well, and this is most clear in the growing world of digital business. Circumstances have pushed every organization into a digital space out of necessity, and optimizing that experience is critical. 

Businesses have been pushed to expand their environments, but how can they balance that growth with a stable infrastructure? How can they ensure their networks and data centers are protected when their workspaces are more distributed than ever before? These are the questions that will be explored in the first installment of the 2021 CDW Tech Talk Series. Register for the series here, and follow BizTech’s full coverage here.

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