Sep 25 2020

What to Expect from an All-Virtual VMworld 2020

Now that remote work is the norm, industry leaders are shifting their focus to the future.

Of all of the traits that successful businesses can possess, adaptability has risen to the top of the list amid the quick and dramatic shifts that have defined 2020. From pivoting to new business plans to developing new products and services to meet the needs of the moment, organizations have had to rethink the way they conduct operations, and that includes their use of technology.

Businesses have had to supply their employees with devices to work from home, deploy tools to enable them to collaborate with each other and ensure the security of home networks. In industries like retail and energy, organizations have turned to technology to help keep employees and customers healthy and safe while providing essential services. And most had to do it in a matter of days.

Months after that drastic transition, businesses are now turning their attention to the future. What will offices look like when employees return? What do businesses and workers need to continue sustainable remote work models? How can businesses maintain their operations and deliver services safely?

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These questions will be explored at this year’s all-virtual VMworld 2020. From September 29 through October 1, attendees will have access to keynote speakers, breakout sessions and workshops geared toward arming IT professionals for the new normal. Here’s what attendees can expect.

Businesses Need to Prepare a Future-Ready Workforce

IT has played a critical role in helping businesses meet this moment. For the opening keynote, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger will offer his perspective on the critical role that digital innovation is playing as we navigate this new reality. He will discuss the important role of technology and will celebrate the unique role of IT in this new landscape.

As businesses and workers have settled into new routines, the conversation has shifted to what the future of work will look like. According to McKinsey, 80 percent of people who are working from home are enjoying it. It may be challenging to get employees to return to five days per week in the office after they’ve become accustomed to working remotely, which many think will create a hybrid structure that will include both office workers and remote workers.

In a session about the journey to a future-ready workforce, VMware leaders will discuss how organizations need a strong foundation to be able to support this kind of work. Once that foundation is laid, businesses can build their operations to withstand the uncertainty of the future.

Security Is Growing More Complex

Security has been a major challenge for businesses during this time. Because remote operations had to get up and running so quickly, many security considerations took a back seat to productivity. Workers needed devices, connected networks and collaboration tools — and they needed them all fast.

Now that the dust has settled, IT teams need to make sure that the lines of communication are all secure. At VMworld 2020, attendees will learn how to bring enterprise-level security to home offices, ensuring that remote employees are working as securely as those at the office.

The focus has shifted from enabling remote work to making it sustainable in the long term, and VMworld 2020 attendees will learn about the security, collaboration and other IT considerations involved in achieving that.

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